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Ads & Media

Check out actual television commercials about the CRX, and first-gen Honda CRX product brochures. Still to come: magazine ads, and articles about the CRX (I have a ton ... they just need to be OCR'd.)

1990 CRX HF television ad
(3.7 mb Quicktime)

1983 Honda Ballade CR-X tv ad
1988? CRX Si television ad
I remember another ad, this one in '85 for the Si: it starts with a side-view of a parked black Si. The camera then slowly tilts 90 degrees to the left (put your head on your left shoulder), ending with the car seemingly pointing straight up. The Si then peels out in slow-motion, kicking up dust and dirt and rises off the top of the screen. An announcer then announces "The Honda CRX Si. It's a rocket." I would kill to get this on videotape!

(ed. note: I now have the "It's A Rocket" ad on videotape! I need to get it digitized.)

(ed. note: Here is the "It's A Rocket" ad:)


If you have a CRX tv ad on videotape, please email me!

'86 US Honda brochure.
(Thanks to Anne Harpe)
'86 European Honda brochure.
(From Honda Japan)
Honda dealer poster.
(Thanks to Jeff Mathews)
'86 Si magazine ad.
(Thanks to Scott Arrington)
1990 "Pull Some
Gees" magazine ad.
(Thanks to Jeff Mathews
and Stephen Turner)