6. Non-Pern McCaffrey booklist

As discussion of Ms. McCaffrey's other works occasionally crops up, the following non-Pern bibliography is provided for the curious and devoted McCaffrey fan:

6a. Booklist

[Thanks to Chris G. Abbott (Chris@ruatha.demon.co.uk) for compiling the list and ISBNs where available. US Publisher data gathered during bookstore trips --Quirk.]

To Ride Pegasus
1973, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-33603-8
1974, Sphere, ISBN 0-7221-5967-6
Pegasus In Flight
1990, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-36897-5
1991, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-13728-6
The Rowan
1990, Ace, ISBN 0-441-73576-2
1990, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-13763-4
1992, Ace, ISBN 0-441-13556-0
1992, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-13764-2
Damia's Children
1993, Ace, ISBN 0-441-00007-X
1992, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-13912-2
Lyon's Pride
1995, Ace, ISBN 0-441-00141-6
[UK data?]

The Ship Who Sang
1970, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-33431-0
1971, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-10163-X
Partner Ship (Co-Author: Margaret Ball)
1992, Baen, ISBN 0-671-72109-7
The Ship Who Searched (Co-Author: Mercedes Lackey)
1992, Baen, ISBN 0-671-72129-1
The Ship Who Won
1994, Baen, ISBN 0-671-87657-0
The City Who Fought
1994, Baen, ISBN 0-671-87599-X

Dinosaur Planet
1978, Del Rey, ISBN 1-345-31995-8
1978, Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-090-6
Dinosaur Planet Survivors (UK title: Survivors (Dinosaur Planet II)
1984, Del Rey, ISBN 1-345-27246-3
1984, Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-089-2

The Planet Pirates (Trade P-back)
1993, Baen, ISBN 0-671-72187-9
[Consisting of:]
Sassinak (Co-Author: Elizabeth Moon)
1990, Baen, ISBN 0-671-39936-X
1990, Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-092-2
The Death of Sleep (Co-Author: Jody Lynn Nye)
1990, Baen, ISBN 0-671-69884-2
1990, Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-005-1
Generation Warriors (Co-Author: Elizabeth Moon)
1991, Baen, ISBN 0-671-72041-4
1991, Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-033-7

Decision at Doona
1969, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-24416-8
1970, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-08661-4
Crisis on Doona (Co-Author: Jody Lynn Nye)
1992, Ace, ISBN 0-441-23194-2
Treaty at Doona (Co-Author: Jody Lynn Nye)
1994, Ace, ISBN 0-441-00089-4
(UK title: Treaty Planet)
1994, Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-184-8

The Crystal Singer
1982, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-32786-1
1982, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-12097-9
1986, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-31600-2
1985, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-12556-3
Crystal Line
1992, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-38491-1

Powers That Be (all Powers... books co-written by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
1993, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-37889-1
1993, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-14098-8
Power Lines
1994, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-38780-5
Power Play
1995, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-38781-3

Freedom's Landing
1995, Ace/Putnam, ISBN 0-441-00538-9

[Non-connected (to my knowledge) individual novels]

1967, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-35187-8
1967, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-08344-5
The Coeleura
1983, TOR, ISBN 0-812-50297-3
An Exchange of gifts
ISBN 1-880448-48-3 (Wildside Press) or 0-431-45520-7 (ROC)
[I have no additional information on this book except that it appears to have been an Alternate Selection from the Science Fiction Book Club at one time.]
The Lady
1987, Ballantine, ISBN 0-345-35674-8
[Alternate title: The Carradine Touch or something along those lines.] Non-Science Fiction, Horse Book.

[Short Fiction collections]

Get off the Unicorn
1977, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-27464-4
1979, Corgi, ISBN 0-552-10965-7
Fourteen Wonderful Stories, including the "The Smallest Dragonboy", but the other 13 are non-Pern.
Alchemy & Academe
1980, Del Rey, ISBN 0-345-34419-7
A Collection of Original Stories Concerning Themselves with Transmutations, Mental and Elemental, Alchemical and Academic. Selected By Anne McCaffrey
The Girl Who Heard Dragons
1994, TOR, ISBN 0-812-51099-2
(non-Pern short ficiton except for title story.)

Other Anne McCaffrey books found in a list in a US publication

Mark of Merlin (Not Sci-Fi)
Dell, 1971
Ring of Fear (Horse/Romance)
Ace, 1977 (original copyright from Dell, 1971)
Kilternan Legacy (Not Sci-Fi)
(Above three reported as printed in the US as a single paperback volume entitled Three Women: TOR, 1990, ISBN 0-812-50587-5
Clothbound/Trade-paperback editions from Underwood-Miller [1990] entitled Three Gothic Novels exist: ISBN 0-88733-065-7 (cloth)/ 0-88733-126-2 (t-p'back)
Out of this World Cookbook
Original edition: Ballentine, 1973, ISBN 0-345-23413-8
Current release: Wildside Press, 1991, ISBN 1-990448-13-0
(Obviously, a cookbook. Edited by McCaffrey with contributions from assorted SF writers.)
Stitch in Snow (Not Sci-Fi)
TOR, 1984, ISBN 0-812-93753-9
The Year of the Lucy (Not Sci-Fi)
TOR, 1986, ISBN 0-812-58565-8
[Any of you who can provide missing data are more than welcome to send it to me for inclusion in the list. -Quirk]

6b. Booktapes

Audio adaptation data courtessy of MIRRIM@delphi.com. Any confusion may be blamed on the bookstore whose database she searched, or the editor of this doccument. Publisher code in brackets; contact data follows listing.

Crisis on Doona and Treaty Planet/Treaty on Doona
(Combo - Abridged) 0-7871-0239-3 [1]
Crystal Singer
(No additional data) 1-55800-346-0 [1]
(Abridged) 0-7871-0024-2 [1]
(Signed copy?) 0681839333
(No additional data) 1-55800-350-9 [1]
(Abridged - Performer: Adrienne Barbeau) 0-7871-0398-5 [1]
Crystal Line
(No additional data) 1-55800-732-6 [1]
(Abridged) 0-7871-0074-9 [1]

To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight
(combo - no additional data) 1-55800-474-2 [1]
The Rowan
(No additional data) 0930435680
(No additional data) 0930435885
Damia's Children
(No additional data) 1-56100-494-4 [2]
Lyon's Pride
(Unabridged?) 1-56100-550-9 [2]
(Abridged) 1-56100-358-1 [2]

Partnership series
(No additional data) 1-55800-923-X [1]
The Ship Who Won
(Abridged - Performer: Constance Towers) 0-7871-0237-7 [1]

Planet Pirate Series
(No additional data) 0-7871-0398-5 [1]

The Powers That Be
(No additional data) 1-55800-855-1 [1]

Science Fiction boxed set
(Abridged - Performer: Adrienne Barbeau) 0-7871-0186-9 [1]
Above includes Crystal Singer

A Dragonlovers Treasury of the Fantastic
(Abridged - Performers: John Cygan & Glynnis Talken) 1-57042-136-6 [3]
Above includes "Weyr Search"

  1. Dove Audio
    301 N. Canon Drive
    Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210

  2. Brilliance Corp.
    1810-B Industrial Drive
    P.O.Box 887
    Grand Haven, Michigan 49417

  3. Time Warner Audio
    9229 Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90069

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