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  1. Introductory Material (09 Sep 03)
    1. About this newsgroup
    2. Introduction to Pern
    3. Appropriate subject matter
    4. Why '' and not ''?
    5. Spoiler ettiquette
    6. Other newsgroups of interest
    7. Common abbreviations
    8. Fan Fiction
    9. Anne McCaffrey on the net
    10. Just who is this Quirk joker anyway?
  2. Pern in Print (21 Nov 08)
    1. Book List (McCaffrey-written)
    2. Latest Pern book news
    3. Suggested reading order
    4. Chronological order of books/stories
    5. Pern Audiobooks
    6. Other Pern materials
    7. Obtaining hard-to-find books
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (26 May 06)
    1. Pronunciation of various words/names
    2. Rider behavior during Mating flights
    3. Queen dragons and firestone
    4. Where to dragons/firelizards deficate?
    5. Who/What does Aramina hear in The Renegades of Pern?
    6. What's this I hear about a Pern Movie/TV Show?
    7. Is Rukbat (Pern's sun) a real star?
    8. Robinton, Silvina, and Camo
    9. Where did Menolly's 10th firelizard come from?
    10. Will the real Moreta please stand up?
    11. Lyrics to The Ballad of Moreta's Ride
  4. On-line Simulations of Pern (04 Oct 04)
    1. Accessing Pern-type MU*s
    2. (Insert your favorite MU* here) is down!!!
    3. List of Pern-type MU*s
  5. "Real Life" Fan Organization and related info (25 Jan 05)
  6. Non-Pern McCaffrey works (06 Dec 96)
    1. Books
    2. Booktapes

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