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Janeane Garofalo

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       TV & Filmography for Janeane Garofalo:

Overhearing two girls talking
(549K AU)
On perceptions of beauty = thin (from
Dennis Miller Live) (418K AU)
On breaking stereotypes in Hollywood
(from Dennis Miller Live) (276K AU)
Our culture's attitude toward "being fat"
(133K AU)
Getting tongue-in-cheek with MTV's Kennedy
(189K AU)
Signature logo for Janeane's production company,
I Hate Myself Productions (51K WAV)

     2.0 mb Quicktime movie Comedy Central promo, early 1990's
(2.0 mb Quicktime)

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    1995: AP article on fan pages on the Internet mentions the Janeane Garofalo page.

    1995: Janeane Garofalo mentions her "ten or so fans on the Internet" in a Conan O'Brien interview.

    1995: CNN Headline News runs a piece on fan pages on the Internet, featuring the Janeane Garofalo page.

    1998: MTV contacts me, asking me to enter as a possible contestant on the Janeane Garofalo episode of MTV's "Fanatic". I phone interview with them from San Francisco.

    1999: Buena Vista/Disney contacts me regarding advertising for the film "Big Trouble" directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

    2000: US Humane Society contacts me asking to link to a comedy video of Janeane's on their page.

    2002: I contact Janeane's manager asking what to do with all this fan mail I'm getting for Janeane Garofalo.

    2003: Hate mail for Janeane Garofalo goes through the roof after her outspoken comments on the Iraq war.

    2005: By this time I have embarrassing, schoolboy crushes on Laura Kightlinger, Elaine Boosler, and Sarah Silverman, and Margaret Cho has had too deep an effect on my brain.

    2007: The U.S. declares Condoleeza Rice "best dressed woman of 1996". New York is attacked by a giant, lanky Gilbert Gottfried.

    2008: Bop Bop Perano and Bill Clinton fight to the death for the love of that one true maiden.


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