Kevin Smith Says He's Working on a 'Buckaroo Banzai' TV Series

Kevin Smith says he's developing a Buckaroo Banzai TV show - The A.V. Club

Juli Banfe telling me about interviewing Stephen Hawking while at SGI .. and how excruciating it was having to be so enormously patient to wait for his answers ..

Running into Lorraine at Cherry Blossom Festival while with Evan and her teeth / mouth was dry (sign of nervousness)

Having my dj mix played on the roof of the Winamp building (Nullsoft party) by Ian (webmaster for the Beastie Boys)



Reesie's death hit me very hard. It brought out grief issues, loss issues, and anger issues about my own life. I realize I suppress a lot of anger, a lot of expression of anger. It is a fundamental part of my post-traumatic stress problems.

I have been in a basket-case mode for a long time. Not really living. Not enjoying life. Just in a state of depression about all things my life should be, but isn't.


Seeing fictional accounts of disasters helps me to cope.

- 12/2/15:
Yahoo Movies embedded one of my youtube tracks in their article about Meco and Star Wars:


(The Empire Strikes Back and is about halfway down the page:)  


Update 12/13/15:
marcuserrico.tumblr.com has reposted the Yahoo article with my ESB youtube embedded. Wonder if this is why the visits to the youtube video are spiking again ..

ABC News Australia (abc.net.au): my youtube video for 'Elephant in SW China's Yunnan wandered on road Feb 12' embedded in their news article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-15/heartbroken-chinese-elephant-crushes-cars-/7169736

I have to say: Enterprise really bites. I only watch it for Sato, the only interesting / exciting crew member, and Phlox the doctor (doctors are consistently cool characters in Star Trek) - if they had recast everyone on the bridge around Sato it would be a much better show - or at least gotten a captain that is at least as exciting as her - Voyager is far superior because it's more exciting.

And T'Pol is just about the blandest, most uninspired Vulcan I've ever seen them write. Tuvok is much more true to form .. hell, even that cadet in TNG's "Lower Decks" was more true to form. T'Pol just looks vaguely pissed all the time .. like she's about to throw a low-level tantrum in her head. If she weren't a Vulcan. Strange way to build a character.


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